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Those people often hit them casually, and several mountains were directly razed to the ground. .

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Wherever it passes, nothingness turns into substance!

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"So difficult to comprehend?" Jiang Li asked.

"Nanming, what's the situation with these monsters?"

He can completely say that he is obsessed with practicing swordsmanship!

Raise the flag, or break the flag, you can change the direction of fate.


"Sure enough, the spirit-watching mirror is malfunctioning. The dragon shadow I saw just now is probably just my eyesight..."

"No, this king himself is a ghost..."

An Ran immediately raised her spirits: "City Lord, please speak."

He continued to walk forward.

Is An Ran really asking the ghost king? .

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Not long after he found out about it, Wang Zhengchu, a member of the outer clan, actually got the news! .

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