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When the big black dog saw it, he ran over immediately, looking eager to try. However, seeing that Jiang Li was still holding the bone in his hand, he could only nod his head anxiously, or stand up, as if I wanted to eat it. .

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Chen Mangxuan looked at Jiang Li and said, "How is it possible? How can you be so strong? You are just a human being!" ...

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Jiang Li thought for a while, and he seemed to count, so he nodded and said, "Yes."

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Jiang Li said hehe: "You are too happy."

At this moment, Jiang Li could clearly hear the breathing of the two women became rapid after he came over.

Xiao Rong looked up, Jiang Li ran away with a whoosh...

Han Songling smiled and said: "You will definitely be willing to help me kill this person, not to mention, I came here with sincerity and reward."

Wang Qingming's expression was very serious, and his eyes were full of murderous intent, obviously he was really angry!

One day passed like this, and on this day, everyone kept their eyes open and stared at the bridge.

People are stunned...

Jiang Li said: "I'm going to take it home to eat, and put it outside to freeze."

The members of the Devil Fangs organization develop very fast, because as long as you become a member of the Devil Fangs organization, you can sign a contract with the devil, achieve life sharing, and thus have extraordinary power. At worst, there is also a chance to obtain disease treatment. Many diseases that humans cannot treat, demons can use the power of demons to solve...

Looking at Simon with dull eyes, Pan Yan felt a little sorry in his eyes, and leaned over to help Simon wipe his face. .

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Its combat power obviously did not break through to the state of returning to the gods. Jiang Li didn't know exactly what state it had reached. .

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