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【online banking to get a real estate loan 】 Being surrounded by him like this, the old monk rushed forward involuntarily, took two steps, and then stood still, "Hey, you... are you a disciple of the inner family of Taijimen?" The old monk asked in shock. 。

"Aren't you asleep?" Guan Nuoxue gave her a shy look.

Wu Huijun's face changed drastically with anger, and then he took the pistol from the person behind him and shot down. However, Chu Shaoyan had already judged the direction of the bullet when he raised his hand to pull the trigger, and with a slight flash, the bullet missed! With his cultivation and familiarity with firearms, this skill of dodging bullets has reached a very high level. Wu Hui's army shot seven or eight shots in a row, and the bullets missed. At this time, they could not threaten him at all.

Chu Shaoyan pondered slightly, the former of these two conditions is acceptable, the latter...

At this moment, he intended to spoil the second daughter and let them go away shyly, but his pity for Liu Xiyao made him hesitate for a while. Recently, Liu's mother's condition has worsened, and the girl seldom smiles anymore. In this world, once Liu's mother, the last relative, is lost, she will be alone and have nothing at least spiritually.

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This rocky man is a woman's ideal spouse in terms of personality, appearance, and every aspect. It is a pity that he has a lover, and there are more than one. Although Han Xiang is not a moralist and will not wear colored glasses because of this, it is incompatible with her outlook on life, so she definitely does not want to join that harem camp.
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Just as he was frowning, there was a creaking sound from the surrounding stone walls, and then stones fell down one by one, holes appeared one by one, and the whole stone cave instantly turned into a honeycomb full of small holes everywhere; Chu Shaoyan's eyes narrowed slightly, and he took a step back, but there were already dozens of grenades behind him!
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"The last time Director Yu came, I was not willing to take it out!" Hu Dongchen said braggingly.
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Suddenly seeing the warm smile in the rock man's eyes, her heart suddenly widened, but the grievance of being teased surged up at the same time, she reached out and beat the rock man's chest several times: "Bad guy, you know what I mean, you Just trying to tease people because of this, it's dead!"
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At the end of last year, the former secretary of the municipal Party committee in the provincial capital was transferred to another place. As expected, the new secretary of the municipal Party committee was Liu Huide, the former secretary of the municipal Party committee of a certain city transferred from outside. Re-dispatch first.
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Chu Shaoyan looked up at Mingyue and said, "Your sister Zetian's trust in me is beyond your imagination. Besides, how smart she is, can you hide Goddess Huading with such a small trick?"
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Chu Shaoyan frowned slightly, and said lightly: "You are mistaken, Zetian has never been Brother Pingshou's woman, and Brother Pingshou has never even formally pursued her publicly."
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Yang Dayu stared at the green-haired turtle, his eyes gradually turned red: "Try to curse again?"
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