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Su Ran didn't think that Patriarch Hei Kui was targeting him. ... guarantee return for small loan

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Floating Life Flame has recovered half of it and can be used again, and Su Ran's corrosion injuries have all been eliminated. .

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Toad confinement Gu can increase the strength of Su Ran's brain. ...

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"Xu Fen's hand melted poisonous heart and poisonous ears!"

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Ninth-rank Gu Master, respected by Zhongyu!

Although Old Xi was a little dissatisfied with Su Ran, he still replied seriously: "You came late, the little chance has been taken away, Saint Feixian left a lot of Gu worms when he died, and he scattered the Gu worms all over his body. In the entire Duantianyuan, a total of sixteen places have been left, and the other twelve places have been explored, and there are no Gu insects below the ninth rank.

After getting the information, Su Ran walked away with a smile.

During the conversation, the Gu master who was fighting with Chang Kong's family and Lin family's eighth-rank Gu masters in the outskirts of Chushan City also came back, this is a high-level ten thousand Gu building named Niu Lao.

"Patriarch!" The Changkong devil couldn't bear it any longer, and ran towards Changkong Ming.

Wang Jianming's expression turned ugly.

woo woo~~

Going down is more likely to survive than going up!

The elite of the Ten Thousand Gu Building who had just completed the sixth-grade realm suddenly stood up.

Under Su Ran's cold light, Changkong Devil and others couldn't help but take a few steps back. They relied on the power behind them to overwhelm others. They were still very afraid of Su Ran. The speed, they can't resist. .

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Gu masters of the seventh and eighth rank who use rare Gu to condense the sixth and seventh blood lines are the lowest Gu masters in the same rank. .

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