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"Where did the idiot come from, almost ruined our good business!" ... is prodigy loan accepted for canada study permit from india

test. how to attack your student loan Originally, he still wanted to say a thousand words, but before he could say anything, An Ran laughed angrily on the spot. ….

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Then, one after another figures came out of his body, including the black-robed man who was covered before, and the blue-shirted man who died violently behind him. .

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Wang Zhengchu sighed helplessly, and crawled out of the coffin weakly: "Immortal world...does it have something to do with the previous lower realm of immortals? I have only one immortal Li Chong in the upper realm of my Spirit Controlling Sect, and I have fallen behind in this respect..." ...

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But now, times have changed.

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An Ran put his hands on his back, at this moment, he and Li Zhong came to the highest point of the Ming family, on a mountain that was transported by the immortals of Guangdu: "However, some things are too complicated to say, rather than a thousand sentences, it is better Go and see for yourself."

"I didn't expect it, I really didn't expect it." The old man in the Taoist robe narrowed his eyes, "Penglai Xiandao is indeed a good plan! People pretending to be Tiandaoyuan blocked the way and launched a sneak attack without morality. If you didn't realize this, I'm afraid It's going to be really tricked!"

"The human world and the fairy world are not actually bordered directly. With the Great Wall of Beimian as the boundary, there is actually a sea of chaos in between." Tianyin Xingjun said with a smile, "When I first came out of the dark When you open your eyes, what you see is the two great universes of humans and immortals, floating above the Heavenly Yin Realm, and at that time, the Heavenly Yin Realm was just a blurry space that hadn't really been finalized yet."

"Besides, Senior Brother Ji Chang is indeed the protagonist of the novel. He breaks through every time he is persecuted... He has already realized the Ninth Heaven of Sword Intent, and he is probably not far away from crossing the catastrophe and becoming an immortal... Wait!"

As a result, the situation has changed so quickly that it is simply jaw-dropping!

Elder Qiu Xue is actually the biggest ghost!

Even, An Ran saw that the race living in the Golden Palace, they are the descendants of the owner of the Golden Palace, they can be called the Protoss.

"There are too many wrong places!"

According to old legends, the Demon God Bo Xun walked out of the Yuan Demon Cave, and finally the magic power swept the world!

Lu Qiu stepped on the blood light and came lightly, the vitality of the true immortal level was suppressed, but anyone with a weaker cultivation base lost consciousness on the spot, and only the sea of blood was left in front of him! .

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Hearing An Ran's narration, even Immortal King Nanming was a little surprised: "Strictly speaking, it's not an illusion, but a real dream, but listen to what you mean, although the dream created by this guy is real, but his method is really too poor." .

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