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【how can i long onto pnc mortgage 】 "Is there any secret weapon?" 。

Deng Chang stopped very consciously: "What's wrong?"

If Lucy didn't encounter too many obstacles in terms of skating and footwork, when he returned to the most difficult movement of figure skating, jumping, he obviously encountered trouble.

Lucy himself was not quite sure about this matter, he looked at Coach Lin in disbelief, and seeing Coach Lin's expression of surprise and joy, he was almost sure that it was true.

Lucy continued to practice on the ice. It's true that he didn't pay much attention to the ice in the past three days, but there were also benefits. For example, things like slow recovery would no longer bother him. He danced for two weeks, one after another, without paying much attention to his surroundings, until he saw Gao Zhuoxiao on the ice and slid towards him.

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"I don't want to skate anymore." Lucy wiped away her tears, raised her head and refused to look at the ice under her feet, "I want to go home."
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This action is very cool, that's what Lu Xi thought at the time, and the reaction of the audience also showed this point, they let out a burst of cheers.
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"Huh?" Lu Xi raised his eyebrows, and twisted his waist to look at Deng Chang in a very flexible posture, "What are you thinking about?"
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The overhead lights were also turned on to the maximum, and the beams of light changed colors in the crowd and strafed, like a romantic dream.
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Neither Lu Xi nor Deng Chang has ever won a gold medal, but the traffic has been really heavy recently. The number of children who signed up for the first skating interest class in the past two years is more than ten times that of previous years. Many parents have seen Lu Xi and Deng Chang. News, I think you can bring children to learn this sport and exercise.
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The shoulders are slightly twisted to the left, and there is a very rhythmic small jerk in the wrist.
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"So you are willing to let him waste a season?" Lucy said, "You are so wronged."
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For Lucy, who has already won the gold medal in the World Youth Championship, there is really nothing to congratulate for the champion of the B-level event. If he falls off the podium, he should criticize himself.
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