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Because, the old tree that once sheltered the entire community from wind and rain broke, dried up, and collapsed! ...

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Prince Dan rolled his eyes at him and said: "You are an emperor after all, can you stop acting like a robber? It's fine to pack the lychee after you eat it, and you have to give it to someone else afterwards. Now you have to swallow a bunch of meat It's..."

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Xiao Yezi laughed and said, "It is said that people who are in love have basically zero IQ, do you think that dog has an IQ?"

Niutou could see clearly that it was Jiang Li who came!

Friday said: "It doesn't sound familiar."

He swam all the way to the depths, and the target was the ruin that Sister Hong and Friday had avoided.

Behind them are countless neatly lined up, wearing neatly armored, battle formations of gods and gods, and the heavenly soldiers and generals are coming!

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I lied to you with words, saying that you are the son of Mo Xie, a general, but you remained silent.

"Bastard! Do you know how special she is? The Vulcan system is my best furnace, you...damn it!" Chi Lian was completely angry, and shot directly, the power of the entire planet was rampant, endless flames Rising up, he is like the god of fire alive! Terrible!

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Li Taozhi hurriedly said: "Fellow Daoist, don't be angry. This is my senior brother who is speaking, nicknamed "Hot Man", and has a very hot temper. He always opens his mouth to scold our fellow disciples, and speaks freely. Please don't take offense." .

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