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【business loan for real estate 】 "And you must know that there is a very powerful thief in the mill recently who always comes to steal wine. We have nothing to do with him, so we can only hide the wine. The wine that day was also the result of him." 。

Wuzhuang, who usually talks like a rant, actually has a time today when he doesn't want to talk?

The Great Wizard of the Zong Kingdom sent Nanzheng out to hold Kuilong. Seeing that the people around him were very nervous, he coughed and said "calmly" like an old dog:

Of course, what people care about the most is the place where Ji Qi was buried after his death.

But on the west tidal flat, in the firelight, some people came out. They looked at Xu Cang in the distance, but they could hear the voice vaguely.

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The real country is the result of further development at the stage of clan alliance on the basis of this natural village, and in the long river of history, this "national collective" has changed from a city-state to a dynasty, and according to different geography, City-states and dynasties could even coexist.
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"If this flood can be managed, then...as long as you can do it, the Xunshan clan will have no problem losing a large piece of land in the west of Shiki Asahara."
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But this has no effect. The Central Plains can reach Wuyue land, but it is difficult to fight further down, and it is too far away. The climate in the coastal area is different from that of the Central Plains. The last time I went to the south was an expedition by Laoshi, which was almost delayed. For Zhongyuan, the production work is indeed difficult.
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Regarding this defeat, Xu Ao's heart fluttered a little. So many warships were sunk by the rain of stones and arrows halfway along the way. What kind of thing is this?
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The main reason is that there have been many things about the south in the past two years. It seems that after the civilization, the technology tree in the south is growing uncontrollably. In addition, Chongbo used to control the river in the south, and now, there is a leader of a small tribe in the south. Said to be very good at water control.
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And Chongbo didn't say a word from the beginning to the end, but just watched the meeting surrounding his life and death decision, and felt it was ridiculous.
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But Yu Zai still replied seriously: "I don't know how to manage it."
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"Up the iron arrow!"
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