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This is in sharp contrast to the scattered tribes near the Central Plains, or the situation where it is difficult to fight against floods. ... student loan refinance reviews

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Yan Zai talked with Dayi, and what he said were basically innocuous and polite words, but during the conversation, Yan Zai learned that this strong old man named Sheng was a shooter, and he had been in the Central Plains before! .

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During this time, the heavy rain did not stop. ...

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The people of the Mohong family were a little confused.

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"The old tortoise is accumulating strength. It has been inactive for so long. It was only last time that they lured it out of Zeyuan because they used deer blood to lure its greedy worms. Now that he has accumulated enough strength, the stinging sting has passed. According to the According to Wu, all things are revived, and the old tortoise chose to be promoted at this time, obviously he has already sensed it!"

As for the spinning wheel that uses silk and hemp to weave cloth, this thing is not made by Yuzai, but it has already been popularized in the Central Plains at this time, so the tribe can directly manufacture this thing. This is a spinning wheel with a hole in the middle. The wheel, which was mentioned before, was first used by the tribe that was wiped out and used the moon as a big turntable......

"How do you know we're investigating him? It's a secret!"

Speaking of this matter, Wu Hong's face suddenly became ugly, and his eyes widened.

The cracks on the flint form a new totem, but it has not evolved completely.

Awakening for the third time is not easy, on the contrary, it is very dangerous. If you are not careful, you will fall into ignorance and stupor. The weakening of Qi and blood is a trivial matter. It will be replenished after eating a little food. The important thing is that the spirit is weak or damaged.

This is an era in which the commonwealth and slavery go hand in hand, compete with feudalism, stagger step by step, and constantly explore the way forward. In this era, the existing system of the world has not yet been established, Shun is still a young man, and Yu is still alive. Playing in the mud in the field, Nvjiao may only be six or seven years old, and she is still an ignorant child. As for Qi, who turned the public world into a home world, he is not even a tadpole now.

It turned out to be soil salt, so this amount of salt is almost negligible. However, since salt was added, the reason why it was added was soil salt, perhaps because the salt from the important salt fields was used for the survival of the tribe, and there were almost no two mouthfuls of poor soil salt. , or a large piece of salt soil, is the real face of this strange rammed land.

Yan Fou didn't directly talk about Dayi, which is also a kind of tacit understanding. Although everyone knows Dayi's identity, sometimes... In short, everything is for the smooth progress of Dayi's investigation and Wu's future.

Chao bacteria don't know the dark moon, and crickets don't know the spring and autumn. .

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Lu Gao and other hunters approached the mountain, but what greeted them was an increasingly intense wind pressure. .

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