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【cant make interest payment on deferred student loan 】 As soon as Wang Ruhai exited, Chang Konghong and Lin Xuankong attacked Su Ran, their momentum was high, and they struck with all their strength, only wishing to kill the unknown Gu master in front of them. 。

The Immortal Gu is not afraid of the Mist Worm, and the Immortal Gu is also not afraid of the Mist Worm. If Su Ran gets the help of the Immortal Gu in Qishengqin, it is natural that he can resist the corrosion of the mist.

Fighting here, all Gu Masters will be wiped out!

The extreme speed domain refers to the blessing of reaching twenty times the speed within the pre-delineated range!

Su Ran didn't really believe it, mainly because he didn't trust Mr. Xi. Of course, Mr. Xi didn't have any malice towards him, but he might use him as bait to lure Patriarch Heikui.

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The mother-child seven-star Gu in Su Ran's hand is a rare Gu.
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"Yes, you have a good idea. Many shadow guards switch to Gu in this way. This is also the advantage of the Ten Thousand Gu Building. Only our Ten Thousand Gu Building can transfer the nearly fifty-year-old Gu insect flow information."
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Patriarch of Xiling Pavilion: "Wang Jianming received Duan Tianyuan's request for help two quarters of an hour ago, and has already rushed to support with several ninth-rank Gu masters from Qushang Gu Academy and a large number of eighth-rank Gu masters. The Feiliuyu Gu from Qushang Gu Academy, with their speed, probably has reached Duan Tianyuan."
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The eighth grade Gu poison in his body could kill him at any time.
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When the water of the treacherous sea passes by, everything will turn into nothingness!
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Su Ran turned around and nodded.
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I have an idea.
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And below the Kuifangtang, it is terrifying, it is a group of ferocious Gu beasts.
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