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【what happens if i don't pay back a payday loan 】 At this time, Guan Nuoxue was packing her travel bag. As the most beautiful passenger on the plane, Guan Nuoxue's appearance almost attracted the attention of all the men in the cabin; Guan Nuoxue was already used to the gazes of these men, but She always felt that there was something different about one gaze: almost subconsciously, she turned around and swept towards the owner of this gaze! Following this sweep, she immediately showed a knowing and charming smile. 。

"Young Master Ye, he is Chu Shaoyan, Mr. Chu, who rescued the eldest lady from Zhang Haohai, the vice president of our Sanlian!" Chen Shaohua seemed to be very worried about Chu Shaoyan's safety, and said very excitedly: "Young Master Ye, let's take him out as soon as possible!" Bring it back to our Sanlian Manor!"

Since Jiang Dahai is dead, all of Ye Tianhe's former bodyguards are now under the care of Liu Dayong.

"Jiang Dahai's leg is injured, it's inconvenient to come here, I asked him to protect President Ye, they are at the back door." Liu Dayong replied quickly.

Hearing Chu Shaoyan's words suddenly, Tang Hu's haughty expression showed a trace of irritation: "Where's your weapon?"

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"Call them to inform them that the appointment has been cancelled, and you immediately let us go to Treasure Island Harbor City tomorrow!" Toyotomi Maaya's tone was beyond doubt.
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In this way, although he could vent his anger, he couldn't hit Starscream. Thinking of this, Chu Shaoyan sneered and put down the leather goods, suddenly grabbed the dagger and said coldly: "Since you like to be beaten, I won't beat you!" While speaking, Chu Shaoyan slowly walked to Starscress with the dagger.
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In desperation, Chu Shaoyan had no choice but to hold the wooden door with his hand to block it: In the room, Ye Ruoxi saw the door stand up again, her small face was flushed with anger and shame. This time is already the second time that Chu Shaoyan has seen her beauty, and this time it is even more exaggerated than the first time, almost revealing everything, only the key parts escaped Chu Shaoyan's eyes; thinking of this , Ye Ruoxi wished she could find a mouse hole to get in, and her previous sad mood improved a lot.
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Two and a half hours later, the group arrived on time at Bei'ao City Station, the northernmost station on Treasure Island.
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"To be honest, I have already talked to another club on the phone. The head of that club told me that they can handle the current situation in our Ryukyu Prefecture, but the prerequisite is that they want to replace the Sanlian Association here!" When Shi Pinghu said this, he was somewhat proud.
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"No, that...they are still young, not fully mature physically and mentally. Do you know what Lingjiao said? Wanting to give up studies and have a's just nonsense!"
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"President Ye, if you want to leave, let's go back together. It's dangerous for you to stay in the territory of the Bamboo Association!" Chu Shaoyan shook his head.
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He knew that if he handled the Dongying affairs well this time, he would gain a lot of points, and then after the Baodao club meeting was over, maybe Ye Tianhe would retire at that time; he also learned that the old man of the Ye family in Daobei City I want him, the third son of the gang, to quit the club! Then when the time comes for him, Ye Jinlong, to inherit the position of the chairman, it should be a matter of course in the near future, and no one in the gang will say much. Now that this great opportunity has slipped away from under his nose, how can this make him not angry?
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