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Baihuangqi let out a hey: "It means that the rain can't suddenly become very heavy...well, it's very, very big." ... what is a simple loan

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"Come on, son, stick your head over here, I'll show you something nice..." .

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The soft sound of chopping meat is full of rhythm. ...

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Even if the power is no longer at its peak, it can still be regarded as a great threat. Even if it is a fairy, touching it will undoubtedly kill it!

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After listening to his description, Yan Zai probably understood what it was, and couldn't help being amazed.

With her small body, she went to the Immortal Universe, not to mention becoming an Immortal Emperor, and it was a blessing among misfortunes that she was not skinned, dismantled, roasted and eaten by An Ran.

He still doesn't give up.

That is a song from ancient times! In a trance, the eyes are hazy, and it seems that an old man appears, holding the bluestone and crying, slapping the muddy water.

Yan Liang was a little confused. Yan Zai knew that the reason why he did not understand the word "labor force" might be because he didn't quite understand the dependence relationship between social production and human activities, but it didn't take too long to understand, after all, this It's not a high-level vocabulary either.

The dream universe is superimposed one by one, and the pressure is more than multiplied?

"Hehe... He really had a good plan, but unfortunately, he couldn't fulfill his wish!"

Yan Zai blinked, and the goat was also grabbed and pushed away by the old patriarch.

Even though An Ran urged her all her strength, it took a full half a day to go all the way underground and finally arrived at the entrance of the city.

"The Xiantian Lingbao bred in the Immortal Universe is indeed a good treasure, but unfortunately it is too immature, and throughout the ages, there has been more than one Xiantian Lingbao..." .

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An Ran's eyes searched the heavens and worlds, and finally found Kundu City in a piece of broken heavens. .

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