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test. small business loan nc "Hey, the ancestors of our clan were betrayed and massacred back then, the Taoist platform was dug up, and refined into the so-called Feixiantai... Countless thousands of years of dormancy, finally waited until the day when the fairyland was about to overthrow!" ….

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"If you are unwilling to explain, I also have plenty of patience." .

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Hearing this, An Ran opened her arms, as if welcoming the future. ...

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"I wish... I wish."

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The demon god Bo Xun is dead, and even the coffin has been lifted safely for him, so how can a mere senior disciple count as a ball?

"How does the deity know?"

"But they are not useless. Because too few people use them, they are almost completely forgotten. Instead, they have become a kind of code, and the possibility of being cracked is greatly reduced. In addition, the initial fairy rune can also be used as a bridge... ...a bridge to deduce the innate divine text from the immortal runes!"

"No, why do you see these scenes?"

Therefore, he can use his improvement in cultivation to make up for the flaws in the leather case.

"As for Bai Xi, it's really a pity. The blood of the Nether Race in her body is stronger, and she should be more worthy of cultivation. Now..." Xuan Xin shook her head, "If no one guides her, sooner or later she will get lost. In the cracks of the nether world, people evaporate without anyone noticing, and all of this has nothing to do with me."

If this kind of news gets out, Daxia will definitely lose face, and all the people in their boat will become Daxia's sinners!

"Accepted by the immortal... as a disciple? Hmph!"

It's just that thousands of words came to my mouth, and finally gathered into one sentence.

As soon as this idea came up, An Ran shook her head and extinguished it: "It's unlikely to be an immortal from Jianzong, otherwise, how could he not even know about the Sword Heart Chapter? If I remember correctly, the Sword Heart Chapter Not long after it was perfected, it was submitted to the upper realm at the same time. It stands to reason that he could not have seen it, and the immortal should not be like that..." .

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Only now did she notice that at some point, a layer of frost had formed on her hands! .

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