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Chisongzi once said that the "water vapor" mastered by each rain master is different, and the rainwater that changes at the same time also has different characteristics. , Shangyang's is "Hong Yu". .

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Di Fangxun said: "You don't need to hide it, because you will be more anxious, and even keep testing. Let me tell you, the child I like is called Yao Chonghua." ...

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Di Fangxun's face stretched, he smiled, but he didn't know what it meant: "Shoushan is under great rule, and the Central Plains is also under great rule, but what about the borderlands?"

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Danzhu was furious: "You don't even ask about my carpentry skills, but you dare to come here to provoke me!"

It's just that most people don't seem to understand the so-called "hybridization", so some people tentatively asked: "What is hybridization? Is rice hybridized with big bean? It can't grow anything, right?"

After hearing this, the two great wizards laughed and said: "That's just right, if you break through the south, the tribe will be assigned to you for your own disposal. You can take whatever you want, sir!"

However, the great wizard did not refute in advance, but looked at them without saying a word. The other leaders muttered, and the problem came to the next stage.

After Xuan Snake left, many small snakes drilled out of the mountains of Xuan Snake's family. They spread to various tribes and conveyed Xuan Snake's orders to the totems of the local tribes.

"The sugar cane fields are also being reclaimed, trying not to occupy the existing arable land."

The light of this star, even under the light of the sun totem, is extremely bright.

As for the next work, Xiaoman will be accompanied by Yanba and Jiuqu.

The copper knife broke into two pieces, and Prince Changqin's hair fell down.

"The Great Flood Control City, food production investment, cultivated land development, salt and iron, textiles and porcelain...." .

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Di Fangxun held a bunch of votes in favor. This is not the United Nations. The Four Emperors do not have a veto right. If there are too many people, they have to agree if they disagree. Although Di Fangxun has to agree with many things over the years They compromised, but as the emperor of the Central Plains, the supreme leader of the emperors, this identity is placed here. In ancient times, with a little bit of brains, they could play with them. .

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