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【msufcu small business loan 】 Before he could finish speaking, the dog's head came out again, and asked solemnly: "Is there really no part for me?" 。

Actually, the main reason is that the colors of these things are good-looking. I really didn’t think about anything else. Look, these colorful things don’t take up much space when stacked, and they make a nest to keep you warm. How wonderful…”

Chen Ya smiled wryly and said: "They were dying, and when they saw me and Xiaoling, they rushed forward... But what I can't figure out is that I haven't lost my self-awareness, and I can still control my body and use the power of demons. But Xiaoling Ling seems to be unable to do it, the one who manipulated her body has always been the Yangye Demon..."

Countless demons behind him were roaring, their faces were ferocious and terrifying.

Then the little Lolita opened her hands, and a thunderous divine ring rose from her body: "Strengthen, combo!"

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Hei Lian said, "You fell asleep too. At night, she didn't listen and hid in the bed and cried, as if she couldn't make a sound, she yelled, fire, fire, fire... Then I couldn't stand it anymore, Woke her up. Then she never slept again..."
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Jiang Li immediately stretched out his hand and said, "Then stop talking nonsense and give it all to me."
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Don't worry, I will kill you slowly, and let you experience all kinds of insults! "
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Hei Lian hummed for a long time...
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Jiang Li said again: "Three numbers, get out, or... die!"
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"If you want to die, I will help you!" After Han Ye finished speaking, his wings shook and he disappeared from the spot. The next moment, he appeared in front of the Emperor and punched the Emperor in the face!
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