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He caused such a big disaster, his master must be trying to find a way to help him deal with it now! Not having the time or energy to take care of himself, sending him here seemed entirely clear. ... online loan with indian tribe

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Thinking of it this way, Su Nian felt much more at ease, as if she was going crazy and she was not afraid at all. .

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The blood gushing from Si Jingfei's arm splashed onto the hem of Mo Lingxiao's snow-white robe. He sobbed in pain, flapped his eyelids a few times, and suddenly laughed out loud. ...

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After everything was said, Su Nian didn't seem to have anything to be ashamed of, and she showed off how he and Mo Lingxiao got together with a small mouth, looked at Su Nian with a happy face, and mentioned Mo Lingxiao smiled from ear to ear, and while Mudan was happy for him, she was somewhat unspeakably worried.

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"Mo Yunfeng, your death is coming soon, the end of Yunque Palace is finally coming, hahahaha..."

"Are you Leng Aotian?"

Liao Jinyu sparred with Mo Lingyu for a long time as if venting her anger. She must have been a little tired in the end. Finally, she jumped onto the roof of the Yunque Palace with her toes lightly. , In the end, the bamboo basket fetches water, and both sides suffer."

After Leng Aotian left, Mo Lingxiao stared at Su Nian for a long time and couldn't recover. He couldn't figure out what Leng Aotian wanted to do, his mind seemed to be filled with paste.

Su Nian's voice was so choked that he could hardly speak, Mo Lingxiao twitched in distress when he saw Mo Lingxiao's overly pale face.

"Master, it hurts so much, save me, Master, ah—"

Seeing that the two beauties agreed to come down, the young man smiled honestly, then picked up the rag, and after a few people got up, he wiped the table skillfully, and said: "You can sit down now."

Maybe he was really tired, Su Nian fell asleep again before he knew it, he didn't even know that Liu Nanxing came to deliver food.

"No need, Master, I'm sorry, those people cough..."

Throwing a loving blown kiss, Su Nian happily helped Qing'er to kidnap her wishful husband. .

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Su Nian's tongue was red, and there were several blisters on the tip of the tongue and in the mouth that were scalded by the medicine. Mo Lingxiao looked distressed and blamed himself. He should have let him cool down before serving it to him. .

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