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【small personal loan barre, vt 】 At 7:30 p.m., the two arrived at Jinling at a good time. Before that, Luo Qingquan and Mayor Jiang Wenqin discussed behind closed doors for about an hour and a half. After the two came out, their faces were quite cheerful and full of spring breeze. Obviously, Jiang Wenqin is very much in love with Luo Qingquan, and he is now in the honeymoon moment of the general and his wife. 。

Ten minutes later, Lu Chuanzhi, who was wearing glasses, hurried over with several people.

"You, you don't come here! hand!" Long Junyu struggled desperately, but the black cow weighing about 200 catties sat down on him. One of his hands was firmly pressed to the ground, unable to move.

"Tsk tsk, why are you crying? I feel sorry for you!" Hao Yun stretched out his hand again to touch Zhao Xiu's face a few times. Zhao Xiu protected her chest with one hand, and pushed away desperately with the other. However, a gleaming pistol was pressed against her forehead, her face contorted in horror, and she didn't dare to move anymore.

Under the fear of this guy, he almost even came out with such nonsense words as making friends with Wu. Hearing Wu Jialian and Wu Huijun's face changed drastically, they just gritted their teeth. They couldn't think of a high price to invite this pair of bastards, it was really embarrassing !

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However, at a certain moment, she involuntarily glanced at the rock man, just in time to meet those shiny black eyes staring at her thoughtfully. Liu Danyan's body shook suddenly, and the bird's nest porridge in her hand almost fell to the ground.
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These are the original words of Li Qingguan when he was interviewed by the media. At the same time, Jinying Automobile Company also attracted countless talents to compete. The highly educated and high IQ team composed of 32 doctors and 103 masters is a beautiful landscape and very eye-catching.
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These guys got angry when they heard the words, Da Zhuang was the first to rush up, and punched him in the face!
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"Go on..." Zidie leaned closer, and the fragrance of Chanel No. 5, which blended jasmine and rose mixed with the fresh and elegant body odor of a girl, came to the nostrils, which made the man feel a little restless in an instant.
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Long Juntian stared at him sternly, but for a long time his eyes could not help revealing kindness. He reached out and patted him on the head, and said in a low voice: "Little guy, he will mess around in society after retiring. However, Good eyesight."
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When Chu Shaoyan was packing up the documents, Shangguan Zetian, Cheng Yu, and Liu Danyan were already lying coquettishly on the sofa or sleeping at the desk. They have been too busy with work recently, and they have been exhausted by the struggles of the past few days. Soon after the turning point, each of them became sleepy, and they just struggled and refused to leave.
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Chu Shaoyan nodded, and sighed slightly: "A few months ago, I predicted this situation. The Tong family and Hong Lianhui are allied with politics, economy, and associations. Politics is a high-rise building, and economy is a building." The foundation, and associations are the means. The Tong family has a lot of influence in politics, and Xiao Zhengnan has absolutely no ability to step them down."
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Chu Shaoyan was shocked, and leaped to the left like lightning, and then there was a soft "咻" 0.1 second later. Sawdust splattered on the floor, revealing a deep hole!
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