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They never imagined that after He Qingshan showed the strength to overwhelm the audience, everyone was like a kitten in front of him, how could they dare to stroke a tiger's whiskers? ... desperation large loan

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Finally, after half an hour, the highest level of the trial tower lit up, the sixth floor! .

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Just when everyone thought the battle was about to end, a shocking scene suddenly appeared!

Everyone in the Goddess League is still silent!

Xia Gan had never seen this woman before!

"Wow, come and see, the police are in conflict! The police are the police!" Soon the crowd surrounded them, and they couldn't even drive them away. Originally, the common people didn't have a good impression of the personnel of these powerful departments, but now they looked at it with relish as if they were sitting on a mountain and watching a tiger fight.

The rock man looked over in surprise: Do you need to lose weight? The police flower stared at him resentfully.

"Zhou Changfeng! You are too much!"

"Is there any action from your Criminal Police Headquarters tonight?"

Although he didn't comprehend anything when he entered the Divine Tree of Enlightenment this time, it eventually caused his cultivation to break through the Real Spirit Realm, and finally stepped into the Tiangang Realm! It doesn't get any better than this!

Xia Gan knew these two people. They attacked and killed Guo Caiwei at the beginning, but they were stopped by him. One move made them retreat. Unexpectedly, they appeared again now! .

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As soon as she appeared, all the eyes around her were attracted! .

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