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【capital one 21 months interest free credit cards 】 Chu Shaoyan said lightly: "I am Mr. Liang's friend." 。

Zhang Haohai chuckled and said, "When people get old, they don't have anything to pursue, so they have to do what they like to do to provide for the elderly."

When the two big men saw Chu Shaoyan's blood-covered body, there was a trace of admiration in their eyes, and then picked up Chu Shaoyan and came to Ye Jinlong's side.

Ye Tianhe on the other end of the phone has already received the news, and he already knows what happened. At this time, he was a little surprised to hear what Chu Shaoyan said, but his tone did not change at all: "Shaoyan, I will ask Yongzi to arrange some bodyguards for you later."

Chu Shaoyan was speechless, and waved his hands to say goodbye: "I'll go and see the groom brother, you continue to chat."

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The corner of Liang Wanruo's mouth couldn't help twitching, and then she covered her mouth and looked at him with tears in her eyes, her shoulders shrugged uncontrollably, her arm touched Chu Shaoyan's arm slightly, although it was midsummer, it was a bit cold.
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Three meters, two meters, one meter, Chu Shaoyan hugged Ye Ruoxi and landed on the ground smoothly! Chu Shaoyan looked left and right, and when he found that no one saw it, he picked up Ye Ruoxi on his back, and at the same time held up the bottle with one hand, and rushed towards the back door of the hospital quickly.
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Dongying is a highly mechanized society with more organization than individuality. The communication between Dongying people seems to be polite, but in fact there is an inexplicable barrier, an invisible and ubiquitous barrier.
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Among the people sitting in the meeting room, many of them didn't know about the smashing of Yemingzhu Entertainment City. When they suddenly heard the news, they were very shocked, and they all shouted: "Who is so bold that even Dare to smash the venue of our Sanlian Association?"
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At this moment, Ye Tianhe, who has always been calm, became a little anxious. He thought that Chu Shaoyan was about to leave! However, just when he was anxiously about to speak for Chu Shaoyan, Chu Shaoyan gave him a deep look.
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Chu Shaoyan smiled and hurried forward, patted the dark young man on the shoulder and said: "Mike, I didn't expect your Captain Ka Suo to send you here, I'm really surprised!" Chu Shaoyan knew Mike's strength very strong.
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Then something indescribable happened to the two of them. The extremely satisfied body and mind made Liu Danyan almost unwilling to think. She just wanted to squeeze her soft body into his arms so that she could have a warm support. Filled with a thriving scene.
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This is a very small detail, and no one else cares about it, but Chu Shaoyan, who has been guessing the theme of this meeting, has observed it clearly. Sometimes men can read each other's thoughts with just one look. . At this moment, Chu Shaoyan deeply understood the meaning of this sentence, and the president Ye Tianhe gave a brief glance, indicating to Chu Shaoyan to be calm and restless for a while, and everything depends on his instructions.
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