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【small business operating cost loan 】 Ye Tianhe's funeral will be held tomorrow, and Chu Shaoyan has many things to deal with. Toyotomi Masano understands this, and he didn't let Chu Shaoyan stay with him. 。

Toyotomi Maaya didn't seem to think that Chu Shaoyan would be a rascal, she glared at Chu Shaoyan angrily and said, "Then I can be your assistant, right?" Although there was an angry expression on his face, there was beauty in his heart Yes, it has been a long time since she cared about grilling meat with Chu Shaoyan, and she couldn't help but miss the happy past in her heart.

In the front yard of the temple, Chu Shaoyan and Mike were about to leave, but a group of big men entered the main entrance. Chu Shaoyan thought for a while and decided to deal with this group of people before leaving. The two quickly hid behind the big tree, took out their guns and began to shoot.

Will said, "Put the bodies together and cremate them."

The other three dwarfs looked at him warily.

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The master of the town was shocked when he heard Chu Shaoyan's words. He glanced at Chu Shaoyan's hands strangely, and there was a doubtful light in his eyes: because Chu Shaoyan's hands are rough and not softened, they are not like The hands of a master gambler.
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At the same time, Chen Zhiyuan, the mayor of Harbor City, was talking to a man in his fifties or sixties wearing glasses, but suddenly he stopped talking when he saw Ye Tianhe leading someone towards him. At the same time, he looked at Chu Shaoyan with complicated eyes Take a look this way.
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"Yes, my lord." It was the first time Varys heard the word Holy Tribunal, and his heart skipped a beat. He knew nothing about the Holy Tribunal. He couldn't believe that there was a secret organization on the continent of Westeros that the octopus had never heard of. ——But life is at stake, he didn't hesitate, knelt down on one knee, and put his pious left hand on his chest, "My lord, I, Varys, swear in the name of the old and new gods, join the Holy Judgment Hall, and never break the oath."
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Caitlin smiled: "My lord, after arriving at the foot of the Giant's Lance Mountain, it will take a whole day to go up the mountain to the Eagle's Nest City."
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Hearing what Chu Shaoyan said, Guan Nuoxue thought it was right, how tiring she was thinking about these questions, and said: "Why don't we go eat seafood, I have traveled this way before, and I know that there is a restaurant that makes delicious seafood !” Guan Nuoxue put her right index finger on her chin, suddenly remembered something.
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However, doubts are doubts, he is not a piece of wood, he can see that Chu Shaoyan's identity is higher than Zhou Yunfei's, and he belongs to the level of Sanlian elders. So he tactfully stood up and said sorry, and then retreated behind Chu Shaoyan.
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"My lord, the war has just begun. Lord Tywin has reached a cooperative relationship with the Iron Bank, and the western region will welcome the most powerful foreign aid, and even an elephant army. Now that Lord Tywin is gone, Lannister needs you, you Gotta pull yourself together," said Dick Vessel.
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Robert Strong strode up the wall, and at the bottom of the wall, Stannis told Melisandre to put Tommen down. Melisandre handed Tommen to Davos behind her, and her red pupils stared at Davos' eyes: "My lord, if I sacrifice Tommen to the Lord of Light, will you kill me behind?"
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