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Jinghua felt something in her heart, turned her head slightly, and was immediately awed by it. ... which auto loan is better

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Chu Shaoyan's facial muscles twitched slightly. The entanglement that night was so real that the deep-rooted pleasure still lingered in his bones. However, he couldn't make any promises to her, because every time before making such a decision, a woman with a peerless The image of a graceful woman immediately emerged from my mind. ...

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Chu Shaoyan rushed out at the right time and wiped out all the enemies with a burst of fire.

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Shangguan Zetian turned his head away, not daring to look at Miyou's desperate eyes.

Yan Mengjia shrank her neck and stuck out her tongue: "Got it."

When everyone came to the main entrance of the villa area and asked to enter to search, they bumped into each other. Those security personnel rejected all the requests at once, and their tone was quite tough. It seemed that they had some background.

The businessman frowned: "Dad, what do you think this thing is worth when it is left alone? It can only generate value through transactions! Hey, even if you say you don't understand!"

"Want to send flowers in public?" Suddenly remembering the order of Lady Huading, the rock man frowned slightly. At that time, the love was strong, and he didn't pay attention to that sentence, but when he thought of it now, his heart became slightly entangled.

"I have a preliminary plan now: gather a few retired comrades in the 'Tiger Special Forces', use the 'Tanlu Detective Agency' as the basis, and then integrate a few small forces on the road, and then completely seize the 'Hong Lianshe' Little pigtail, and finally pass the evidence to the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection through connections!"

"I'm sorry, please accept the inspection first, and then register!" Chu Shaoyan stopped them suddenly, and then called: "Lin Shan, come here and go through the formalities for them!"

"Weak girl?" Chu Shaoyan couldn't help laughing. .

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