how does store credit work
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【who does discover pull credit from 】 [This matter... this seat cannot give you a definite answer. However, this seat can teach you a method to sense the so-called ghost gate. If it is really the same world, then the gates of hell that the little girl is talking about are probably the altars built by that race back then. With this method, you can find the location of those altars. 】 。

Faced with this situation, An Ran couldn't help but scratched her head: "This is really unexpected... Can this kind of emergency communication be hung up? I've learned a lot..."

However, the moment the copper coffin was opened, she knew that she was wrong!

Zhuang Miao laughed loudly, and suddenly passed through the barriers of many formations, like an invisible shadow, without causing any waves, and in the blink of an eye, appeared in front of a massive and vast fairy platform!

"Brother, you old pervert!"

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An Ran smiled slightly and readily accepted it.
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From Tianyin Xingjun's position, he could just see those words emerge.
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He is not without the experience of walking in public eyes.
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He seemed to be very familiar with everything here. Under his urging, His Majesty's magic power lit up the lines on Feixiantai, and those lines interweaved into countless magical symbols, flying all over the sky in the void.
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For example, "Western Digital Seagate" brand hard drive, another example, "Kang Shuaibo" instant noodles, and another example...
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Who knows what kind of terrifying monsters have been cultivated in those thousands of years of tombs after a long period of Yin Qi accumulation?
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Yu Xiaoyao raised his eyebrows, and stared at Yan Qingzhu as if he had discovered a new world: "Why did you suddenly change your gender? If I remember correctly, you used to be so complacent, bragging that you are a genius beauty Girl, you are destined to achieve the status of Immortal King in the future... Thinking about it now, do you think you are weak?"
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The only problem is...the Tiandao Temple is too difficult to enter.
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