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Everyone laughed again, Xie Secretary-General said: "Secretary-General Xu, you can't catch people, I think it is the best policy to focus on the heart! We in Guangnan Province work together to attract investment with high-quality services, especially for those high-quality enterprises, High-tech industries, capital-intensive industries, the treatment is even more generous, you Jiangcheng should be careful!" ... 01982 get a loan -mortgage -payday -"business loan" -farm

test. sample business loan contract Shi Danda smiled: "I don't worry about this, Chu Shaoyan is a gentleman, and he will not embarrass Amanda, a beautiful woman." ….

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Liu Xiaofei looked at Long Junyu, who was trampled under by the black bull, and felt that something was wrong, and stammered, ", what do you want to do? If you ask for money, there will be Hundreds of thousands, I can take you to get it!" .

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The same to you! Shangguan Zetian muttered something in his heart, but there was a smile on his pretty face: "I want to say that outstanding people are very proud, and he is no exception." ...

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Ten minutes later, when the information was finally researched, he slapped the table and shouted sharply: "Scum! Complete scum! Team Chu, if your information is true, you will stir up the provincial party committee!"

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On January 22 this year, Li Shikun, the vice-governor of Jiangbei, and Ji Zhonghao, the executive vice-mayor who had just returned to Sioux City, suddenly received an urgent notification from the General Office of the Provincial Party Committee and joined the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee. In the Standing Committee, Liu Wenyuan, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, talked about the construction of a clean government. He was quite dissatisfied with the current situation of the cadres in Jiangbei Province. Degenerate and collude with underworld gangs.

"Thank you!" Fei Junda smiled sincerely.

Jiahua Times is located near the Jiangcheng City Government. It is a designated restaurant of the city government. It is not the highest grade, but it has quite a taste. Its operator is the Yani Group.

Da Zhuang's face changed drastically, just at this time the two-way encirclement had formed, he winked at Er Mao, Huang Pi, and Hippo, three fighters, and then the four of them rushed over together!

Everyone vomited and stuffed him directly into the bathroom.

Ji Yuanfeng was pacing with his hands behind his back, and said for a long time, "Perhaps, what Wang Qiang meant was that he is now that frozen bird with no ability to recover. He won't be able to sing before he flies up to a branch!"

Deer hunter? Find out who hunts whom! There was a sneer at the corner of Chu Shaoyan's mouth, and he walked forward proudly without even a single pause in his footsteps.

The old man suddenly pulled Chu Shaoyan's sleeve, and said anxiously: "Mr. Chu, won't make things difficult for Xiaoqiang, right? Although he is obsessed with money, this old man only has this son, I...I..."

After the investigation and investigation of the Lin Family Villa, and the interrogation of some of the wounded overnight, the Criminal Investigation Corps came to a conclusion: the explosion was caused by explosives hidden inside. Before the explosion, the Lin Family Villa apparently had a large number of community members on the road. These people even possess a considerable number of guns and ammunition.

Another slump down, a loose rock even fell with a loud bang. The girl couldn't move her left arm at all, her figure couldn't be restrained, and the fingertips of her right hand were bleeding! .

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Han Yu greeted Chu Shaoyan and Sima Yan very politely, took his younger sister's little hand and said to Chu Shaoyan: "Although my younger sister is not young, she still has a temper like a child. If she What happened, Mr. Chu, you need to take care of him?" .

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