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Originally, I wanted to show the enemy's weakness, catch them off guard, pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger... ... small business loan rate in queens ny

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"If I remember correctly, Senior Sister, you should go back to the sect and return to your life. Why did you come to Qingling Town again?" .

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Li Hong's eyes widened suddenly, and he was trembling with excitement, almost unable to hold the protective goggle. ...

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"According to what you said, it's understandable for them to break into the ancient restricted area, but what the hell is it to bury themselves in it? Then what is the ancient restricted area...can you help them overcome the calamity?"

"Damn it, where did the five-color god thunder come from?!"

"So all I have to do... is revenge!"

"It turns out that there is also Versailles in the world of cultivating immortals. I have learned a lot."

"Then I think it would be better to change the name to Dragon King Pot."

"The only other thing that is certain is that if you want to cross the Jiuqu Bridge of Life and Death, there is a great probability...you must have a strong demonic desire!"

You must know that the function of the Nether Altar is to serve as a gateway to connect the two worlds.

"Let's talk about another function of the Spiritual Mirror. It can help the cultivator to better see the flow of spiritual energy. Whether it is alchemy and treasure refining, or the cultivator combing his own mana, the efficiency can be effectively improved!"

But in fact, his perception is only limited to the area around the ancestral hall, and he has never seen the complete floating capital.

What's more, if they did this, as long as Li Hong was not a fool, he would definitely be able to see their intentions at a glance. .

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According to his current understanding of Xianqin, it stands to reason that even if there is a way to restrain him, it is absolutely impossible to delay for too long. .

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