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It was only later that he realized that the cluster of meteorites disrupted the flow of spiritual energy in heaven and earth, causing heavy casualties in many places, and the aura of death, resentment, and chaotic aura blended with each other, so that all kinds of demons and ghosts were born continuously, which is equivalent to the plague after a catastrophe. Amazing destruction. ...

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Enlightened suddenly, An Ran laughed out loud, and raised his hand to touch the Taiming Sword at his waist.

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Otherwise, why did they go back and forth again, especially at such a critical moment, appearing on the twenty-five peaks?

And there's still a lot of... breaking news.

"A vision of meteorites falling from the sky, all kinds of monsters and ghosts have appeared..."

He stands in the endless sea of flames, the flames burn through the void, blazing boundlessly, like the king of all fires in the world!

An obscure and terrifying aura suddenly enveloped him.

【That's it? 】

Jiang Li nodded desperately.

The immortal cultivators participating in the United Grand Competition are worthy of being the arrogance of the Four Great Sacred Grounds.

I saw an extremely bright rainbow light suddenly appearing in the sky in the distance, like a meteorite falling from the sky, crashing towards the end of the earth!

"This time, I finally don't have to worry about someone putting pressure on the old man. Within three years, I can sit back and relax. Sister Ling can also benefit from it, but what about the old man..." .

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In other words, if he didn't take a second look and chose the first option, what he would get would be an immortal body, not an immortal body. .

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