what are the advantages of consumer credit
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【why would a lender want to see your credit report 】 Under Su Ran's astonished eyes, Yue Nu'er pulled back her right hand, and the bone-made broadsword was removed from her back. 。

"All right."

All the muscles in Su Ran's body exploded.

Quickly heal the tired Illusory Immortal Gu, half a quarter of an hour later, Illusory Immortal Gu recovered.

Bones and legs: Mass of Eight Source Blood (8).

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Leaving blood for Ouyang's family can be regarded as returning Ouyang Qi's favor.
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Kanyue: None.
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Su Ran tapped a ray of immortal power into Yue Nuer's body, and Yue Nuer recovered from her injuries.
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"Although Su Ran didn't comprehend many top-level ninth-grade Gu arts, but relying on this domain, he can also be as famous as the first Tianjiao Qu Jinghong!"
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Must be plotting something.
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The cold and poisonous hand came out through the body, and instantly turned into a puff of black air, covering the area where Su Ran and the ninth-rank Gu controller who held the dzi bead chess pieces were located.
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"Emperor!" Bei Gonghen lost his voice, even the emperor is pursuing domain power above the higher domain power?
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Is it in January?
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