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test. subaru forester extends interest-free loans through december Zhao Feifei was looking at the furnishings in Qian Shan's home, when she heard Qian Shan's voice, she turned her head and asked, "What's wrong?" ….

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After finishing speaking, Qian Shan raised his right hand and punched back, hit Zhang Chengzhou on the shoulder and almost knocked him over from his seat. .

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"Is there any harm in that?" ...

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Chu Shaoyan couldn't help but smiled wryly. He had just taught a lesson to Lan Die, a member of the Butterfly Gang, and the head girl of the Tanlu Detective Agency became mischievous again.

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"Hey, don't be so polite, your name is Pang Dongyan?" Qian Shan asked casually.

"Don't, it hurts, it hurts!" Su Yushan broke free from Zhao Feifei's clutches, rubbed her ears and muttered, "Don't tell me, really, why don't you invite me to dinner at noon? Even if you have moved, why don't you treat me?"

"You!" Sun Hongsheng gritted his teeth suddenly. .

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Until they returned to Shangguan Villa, the two still didn't speak a word. Shangguan Zetian was so patient today that when Chu Shaoyan got out of the car and opened the door for her, he couldn't help showing a wry smile. .

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