small loan of a million dinksters
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【small-business loan broker's book of business 】 The four of them stared at the old man who looked like he might turn into ashes at any time, and said, "Jiang Shang? Impossible? Those are all figures from tens of thousands of years ago. The Avenue of Longevity is broken, so he should have died long ago. " 。

Don't stop me this time, I must teach these natives some lessons and let them understand our Bai family's methods! "

Jiang Li smiled and said, "Does it hurt?"

At this moment, a low growl came.

Jiang Li picked his ears and said, "You guys are too loud, come on, keep your voice down, and introduce yourself."

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Niutou didn't come alone, he was followed by horse face and black and white impermanence, and a large army was coming from farther away, quickly forming a large formation in the ghost gate.
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Inside the volcano, there is a small city.
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Hearing this, the little girl looked extremely excited, but still hesitated, and moved closer to Ghost Che.
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Li Taozhi felt ashamed in his heart, but he soon felt relieved, and shook his head frankly, "I'm really sorry for you this time, but the law of the great way is nothing more than life and death... Natural selection, any means to survive is not an exaggeration. Fellow Daoist, I hope you can persevere a little longer..."
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Carl clenched his fists tightly in both hands, and he, who had always been calm, was also angry at this moment, and said directly to the camera: "A bunch of stupid cowards!"
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Jiang Li said: "You set it up, and I'll play it to an extreme brilliance!"
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