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"You, a native Gu Immortal of Zhongyu Continent, seem to have never been out of Zhongyu, and you don't even know the situation of Beigonghou Mansion, it's ridiculous, you want to lie to me? ... where does a loan go on a balance sheet

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when to remove loan contingency - what is it called when a loan is paid off .If you really want to feel sorry for Bei Gonghen, when will Bao Qi be sold by Bei Gonghen? |.

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tristan is defaulting on his loan. who handles the process in a deed of trust? what is equity loan on house .In the Ten Thousand Gu Building, there are quite a few antiques of the eighth rank who can break through the ninth rank, but they have been suppressed and unable to break through. .

The Immortal Gu in the Qisheng Qin can protect your body against the corrosive fog. If you fuse with the Immortal Gu in the Qin, you have a chance to succeed. However, I think you haven't found your faith yet, and you won't be able to become an immortal. " .

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The golden text also changed accordingly. ...

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"Good job!" Bei Gonghen chuckled, as if everything was under his control.

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Niu Ran and Su Ran clashed with each other for a while, and they retreated simultaneously.

Wanting to control Su Ran, but also not wanting Su Ran to be captured by Jue Yue and Gu controllers, this kind of conflicting psychology is exactly the portrayal of the hearts of many ninth-rank Gu masters.

"You're not bad either."

After checking his body, his strength skyrocketed.

If this fight continues, it won't be long before the entire main inheritance area will be occupied by the fog of corrosion.

A voice came to Su Ran's ears:

Su Ran secretly wrote it down, and then asked: "I don't know, what is the strength of all the demon envoys?"

There is a pair of big broad swords made of bone on the back of the girl.

However, now that you have acquired a Luanyang slave, you have a way out, and you can leave the Central Territory at any time, which is inconsistent with the guardian's belief. "

The four inheritance areas are not connected together, but correspond to four different locations. There are many paths to reach the inheritance area, among which the four fastest paths are used by the Ten Thousand Gu Building for information sales. .

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But how can he enlighten the ability of the demon servant! .

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