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【personal loans bad credit no guarantor 】 Jing Ying: "...¥%&*&¥%&..." 。

Jiang Li also looked at it, and said, "Flower cake? I know that. I heard that it is filled with various flowers and baked. This is a very special delicacy in Baipu, and I have never eaten it before." , since there are some for sale here..."

This is like a person living in an area with a very high oxygen density who suddenly arrives on a plateau with poor air. The difference from lack of oxygen, changes in air pressure, etc., can be felt even without high-precision instruments. "

Then there was a scream from the phone, followed by a rustle, and finally a click as if something had been crushed, and then there was no movement.

Facing Jiang Li's barrage of questions, Ye An's face gradually turned pale. Guardians place great value on honor, so naturally they cannot afford to take the blame for this.

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"Mr. Jiang Li, please speak up if you have something to say."
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Ge Mu said: "Didn't I teach you? Do I need to worry about this? I am already like this, can you save me some trouble?
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"Two abilities of ice and fire?" Someone exclaimed.
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Seeing this, Daha backed away again and again, crying in his heart: "You are the f*cking scary, don't come here..."
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Just as Changlong was about to make a move, a lazy voice sounded: "Ye An, are you the guardian?"
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But what really surprised everyone was that there was a black crystal jade on the surface of Heiyu's body, but the jade had been broken, revealing the white skin like white jade inside, crystal clear, like a work of art .
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