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Elder Lingbao: "...Aww!! Don't slap your face! Don't snap my horns! Don't pull out my dragon's beard! Teeth don't work either—" ... what is drawdown loan

test. how do i get loan with bad credit Old Taoist Nan Guo hesitated for a moment, then carefully glanced at An Ran, seeing An Ran nodding, he finally chased after him with confidence. ….

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"Shoot... just shoot! What's the big deal!" .

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"Don't talk nonsense, check it out for me immediately!" ...

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But before that, An Ran took the first step.

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An Ran admired it for a moment, and was about to ask questions, when she saw Fengwu Yuanjun gently raised his arms, and suddenly the sky was filled with flames, turning into countless fairy birds, wrapping her and Nan Guo Laodao and disappearing.

According to An Ran's understanding of Jianzong's power, if he wants to capture a person, not to mention that the elder Xuanxin is still in the realm of Zhengsheng, even if it is a real immortal on the land who asks about the realm, or even a real immortal descended into the world, Jianzong has no small confidence Catch it!

But in this way, he also understood, why Fairy You is not false to any opposite sex?

In the depths of the Taoist holy land, several immortals from the lower realm looked at each other with wry smiles on their faces.

Oh wait a second!

Unsurprisingly, there was no reaction from the painted wall.

If he hadn't thought about it, he might not be able to defeat An Ran, Nan Guo Laodao might have already paid homage to him at this moment.

Seeing the smashed phoenix nest, Feng Qi'er's face collapsed again, the girl pursed her mouth, as if tears were rolling in her eyes, she clenched her silver teeth, "Damn guy...don't I found you..."

"Cough cough cough cough!"

Feng Xingjun is one of the congenital gods and demons present at the meeting! .

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At this moment, Nan Guo Lao Dao had brought An Ran to the vicinity of Siguo Cliff in the Taoist Holy Land. .

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