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He was the man in black who had just secretly observed Ling Heng. .

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Every time Chen Jianhua thinks of that slender figure and pretty face, he feels a burst of heat in his lower abdomen.

Ling Heng's sighing tone reached Li Jin's ears, and Li Jin's body trembled slightly: "Mr. Ling, our bank has never had such a rule."

Su Xueqi firmly believed what Ling Heng said, and started to eat breakfast. After experiencing so many things in the morning, she was indeed a little hungry.

Song Xin also came out at this time, with a preoccupied look, a little afraid to look up at Ling Heng.

Ling Heng asked Ma Yulian to take the main seat alone, while he sat on Ma Yulian's left.

Suddenly remembered a rumor in the mall a few days ago that the mall was bought by a mysterious rich businessman surnamed Ling.

Many women have already covered their eyes, not daring to watch this terrifying scene.

"Ling Heng, what are you doing here?" Ling Heng turned sideways, just in time to reveal Su Jianxiong standing in front of him, Su Xueqi was surprised: "Dad, what are you two doing here?"

Is this still the Bingshan president they know? .

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The clothes that his silly sister was looking at were displayed in the area of old models from previous years, and the prices were all discounted by two or three, which could be converted into hundreds of dollars. .

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