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【mattress interest free credit 】 Until a private chat message was sent to Wang Sanpang's mobile phone. 。

After hearing Chu Shaoyan's words, the bosses had to admit that what Chu Shaoyan said was the truth, and everyone knew the truth that it was good to enjoy the shade under the big tree. Once the big tree falls, they will not be able to enjoy the shade. At this time, in a sense, they and Chu Shaoyan are grasshoppers on the same rope.

Wang Sanpang followed Fan Jianzhong all the time, and when he saw Fan Jianzhong approaching Cheng Gong, Wang Sanpang knew something was wrong.

Wang Sanpang didn't know that Feng Jun had already grasped his situation, nor did he know that the crisis was so close to him.

"I can tell you that within a week, if your assembly time cannot be controlled within three minutes, I believe you will not want to know the consequences."

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As for the pain in the lungs, Wang Sanpang couldn't feel it anymore.
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Now it looks like he should have escaped a catastrophe.
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There are already students from the academy thinking about going to Wang Sanpang and the others to inquire about the situation later.
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Fortunately, the two of them were really assigned to the same class.
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During training, soldiers in the two platoons often compete.
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You know, even though it was a recruit company camp, there were all the sentry posts that should have been there, but none of these sentry posts found Li Ruichuan leaving, which is indeed a bit inconceivable.
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"I believe you all already know what you are here for. I am your captain, and these three are vice-captains. We will complete your next training. I look forward to the moment when you are reborn from the cocoon!"
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But now is not the time to explain.
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