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"Brother Shaoyan, let's go!" Guan Nuoxue, who was behind Chu Shaoyan, saw Jiang Langtao giving an order, and Chu Shaoyan's side was anxious. ... how do i pay off my ally auto loan

test. what is a private loan? Three minutes later, Zidie found Chu Shaoyan who was on the phone in the pavilion behind the green villa in the manor, pulled him into Shangguan Zetian's room, and solemnly handed his big hand to Shangguan Zetian: " Sister, I will leave my brother to you. I hope you will be happy, loving, and long-lasting!" ….

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what type of loan is best for a home improvement - how to get sba 504 loan . The sound of this palm was muffled, its momentum was extremely strong, and it had the implication of swallowing thousands of miles like a tiger. Naturally, there was a frightening prestige covering all directions like a substance! |.

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"Bad guy, you only know how to spank someone's ass, he...he did a good job today, if you beat him like this, his pants will be dirty!" Suddenly Hua Zidie murmured in a low voice. .

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"Bang!!" The big man only felt a white shadow flash in front of him, and then a fist kept getting bigger and bigger, and finally smashed hard on his face! ...

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Chu Shaoyan no longer hesitated, and rushed into the villa like lightning. In a room on the second floor, he saw Hua Youlan. At this time, the woman was shot in the chest and abdomen, and she didn't know whether she was dead or alive. In front of her were three or four black-clothed men.

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Long Juntian put a plate of fried steak specially called in front of him, knocked on his head and said: "I never thought that my subordinates would find you such a lecherous guy, even in distress A woman!"

Long Guozheng said with a chuckle, "As soon as Brother Chu comes, our road will be widened. I believe that the Shanghai Flower Entertainment City tragedy that shocked Jiangdong will be solved in a short period of time, and our criminal investigation team can go to have a big meal again!" Brother, do you want to treat me this time?"

Seeing these two text messages, Chu Shaoyan was a little moved; shaking his head, Chu Shaoyan checked Ye Ruoxi's condition first, and learned that Ye Ruoxi just passed out due to collapse and high fever, and his life was not in danger. , and finally dialed Hua Zidie's phone with confidence.

Sha Gen nodded stupidly: "Boss, I can do it. I have watched the video of Brother Hei Niu and studied it for a long time. Wasn't that guy very tough last time? He collapsed after being tossed by me!"

At this moment, Chu Shaoyan was finally awakened by the icy sea water. Seeing the situation around him, he couldn't help being startled. He let go of the girl's arm. The girl's right hand just wiped her tears, her body sank immediately, and she drank a few mouthfuls. Sea water, desperately struggling with one hand.

"No problem." The female international police officer replied bluntly, her thick eyebrows even fluttering.

Hearing Ye Tianhe's words, Chu Shaoyan wanted to say that this matter had already been investigated by Snow Wolf's mercenaries, but he held back.

Wu Huijun saw it and praised loudly: "Good palm! It really is worthy of Shaolin's unique knowledge, the essence honed for thousands of years, the momentum is really extraordinary!"

"Why is that?" At this moment, Chu Shaoyan's voice was a bit frighteningly cold, including the fact that those guys who had dismissed Chu Shaoyan before were also shown by this new Chu Shaoyan who came here to handle the affairs of the branch hall. The momentum was shocked.

Chu Shaoyan stood up anxiously and looked into the distance. But the sky was gray, the wind was howling, and even the sound of heavy rain came from the sea in the distance. According to changes in tides and waves, this place is at least 300 kilometers away from the mainland. If one is in good health and maintains a high speed of five kilometers per hour, it will take 60 hours to reach the mainland—and this is on the limit line. case. In fact, even if the direction can be determined, it is impossible to reach this limit. 60 hours of straight-line distance, generally within 72 hours to resist is not bad. Of course, if you add rest and sleep, maybe three days becomes five days. .

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Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly, and stroked her hair slightly: "She is a poisonous snake by your side." .

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