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I haven't seen her for a while, Guan Nuoxue still looks the same at this time, but she is a little thinner than before. And there are bloodshot eyes, it seems that it is caused by not having a good rest. ... hollland free peraonsl interest inventory

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Everyone looked at him collectively and asked, "Is this a human?" .

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To be precise, it can't be called a big fish, but a demonized fish father! ...

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The woman's expression froze in an instant, and then she suddenly put the dagger on Jiang Li's neck, and roared: "From now on, whether you did it on purpose or not, in short, shut up! Otherwise, I'll stab you twice Holes, filled with little blue pills!"

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The second uncle followed up and said: "This child is too shameful to be spoiled by his siblings."

Seeing the change of General Cai Ba's attitude, Chu Shaoyan didn't care. He understood that Ka Suo revealed his true identity so that General Cai Ba could continue to cooperate with the Sanlian Association, which would also benefit the future development of the Sanlian Association.

Wei Lin frowned and said, "What are you doing?"

Jiang Li let out a sigh, then hung up the phone in peace of mind, and then muttered silently: "Then I wish you good luck!"

Others can't see it, but he can see it clearly!

I feel like I'm really going to die...

Just when the gamblers were wondering, the guy in charge of the market quickly said what the first two cards of Chu Shaoyan and that foreigner were! After speaking, he picked up the two decks of poker that were not destroyed, and dealt out the cards in order.

Only ten minutes later, Starscream left Ye Jinlong's subordinates behind; Starscream also reported the timely situation of the Sanlian Association in Harbor City to Chu Shaoyan.

At this time, cold sweat oozed from Chu Shaoyan's forehead at some point, and the intuition in his heart told him that this incident was not accidental, and someone should have arranged something behind his back; suddenly—Chu Shaoyan remembered that at Ye Tianhe's funeral, flowers David said what kind of "big gift" would be given to him today!

At the same time, Ye Jinlong was sitting in the Sanlian headquarters in the Sanlian clubhouse in the harbor city in the south of Baodao, with an extremely gloomy expression on his face. .

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Bitter gourd balls can only be made with a white bitter gourd, a local specialty in Xiaoxiang, for the best taste. The local white bitter gourd has a thin skin and thin flesh, and it is fine to fill a large amount of meat inside. Once it is put into the pot, the effect of frying is also soft and glutinous, and it melts in the mouth. It can perfectly integrate the taste of bitter melon into the meat inside. It is bitter and fragrant, which is really a rare delicacy. .

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