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test. how to apply for a student loan us bank She rubbed her eyes, her eyes were sleepy and misty, one foot stuck out of the quilt and came between An Ran's legs. ….

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The young master's eyes widened with anger: "Then you—" .

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The fairy lotus is rooted in an ocean, vast, ancient and meaningful. ...

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From these words, he vaguely felt a trace of familiarity.

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——And to expose it in such a high-profile way, maybe the breaker has been strangled by the powerful before he grows up.

As if doing an insignificant thing, An Ran calmly clapped her hands and said with a smile: "Look, you can't bear my desire at all, so what are you talking about that will make me perish forever?"

What about blood?

Not to mention what An Ran is doing now, I am afraid that even Lu Zhenxian may not be able to do it!

In all fairness, Li Hong's appearance is indeed good, plus he is already a fairy with a high level of cultivation, even if he doesn't deliberately show off his cultivation power, he still has an aura that is beyond the dust, which catches people's attention.

The call of the gate of hell...

An Ran couldn't help but asked again from the bottom of her heart.

On the first day of Nai He's arrival, he was caught off guard by An Ran. Later, An Ran said that he would come back one day, but he disappeared on the spot, and he didn't return until today!

For immortal cultivators of their level, it was no secret.

"He...he was trying to resurrect the ancestors, but failed?" .

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"Hey, the more fairy artifacts, the better. Don't worry about small things. I didn't say I wouldn't return them to you." .

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