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【what is a store credit 】 But it was a bit late to say what Yan Zai said. 。

"The Qingyi God said that the Juling clan is a tribe that is good at governing mountains and rivers, but maybe they can't govern Minshan Mountain. After all, it is the place where the ancestors stayed, and it cannot be governed by mortals. In the past, Changyi, the son of the Yellow Emperor, also came. Here, but in the end it didn't work out, and he himself drowned."

Cangwu is Cangwu, Ah Zai could not know the place.

You are full of question marks, but fortunately there is a leader on the side to translate.

Hong Chao asked why Chu Feng was so confused, but unexpectedly, Chu Feng started a long self-reporting monologue.

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The waves roar on the river, this is the boundary of Hanzhong for later generations, everyone has crossed the Qinling Mountains and is heading towards the land of Shu.
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"Totem shooter!"
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There are Pu people, Liang people, Hubei people, and Heyi branches.
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A slave stood on a high place, speaking in the most arrogant tone, but the great wizard Jing recognized the weapon.
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With the opening of one eye after another, the six-headed dragon was awakened by these uninvited guests, the six huge heads raised their heads and roared, and suddenly there was a storm in the sky!
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When Qiongqi heard this, he frowned vigorously.
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The roe owl smiled with him on the surface, but in his heart he was gnashing his teeth, very annoyed.
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The eyes of the Qi refiner were fixed on the circle representing Guanghan on the drawing board.
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