dave adler "commanding interest from multiple teams as a free agent."

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When he was about to touch it, Xu Yibai withdrew his hand back, avoiding his movement.

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After closing his eyes and meditating for about five minutes, Mr. Xu suddenly got up and slapped the steel ball in his hand on the table. As long as it can hit Hong Lianshe, I, Xu Kaishan, will not hesitate!"

Xu Yibai's heart constricted, he couldn't feel a trace of blood flow, his limbs became as cold and stiff.

From the moment omega came in, he only had Shen Yao in his eyes. He couldn't wait to hug Shen Yao, and couldn't be separated from him for a moment, exerting his strength all the time, for fear that he would be abandoned by the omega.

He parked the car, and gently carried Shen Yao all the way upstairs.


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Zhuo Ran walked in quickly, and when she saw Shen Yao, she finally breathed a sigh of relief, her tone unconsciously filled with reproach: "I wanted to call you to ask if you were home, but you didn't answer at night, the next day I didn't answer your call...the dance troupe couldn't see you, if you didn't take the initiative to call and ask for leave, I would almost call the police!" .

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