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The former Nanming Immortal King was already the pinnacle of existence in the realm of Immortal Kings. ... getting a business loan for a business showing a loss

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An Ran's scattered thoughts slowly gathered together, and he looked around blankly: "I clearly remember that I have already... No, what I saw was the scene of the past, but the battle was so tragic that even I couldn't help it. was affected..." .

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"What do you look at, it's not enough to take advantage of my mother once, but you want to take advantage of my mother twice, right?" ...

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"Don't worry about that planet, defend with all your strength, and meet the next impact—"

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Zhan Qianqiu was silent for a moment, and the smile on his face became brighter and brighter: "Then everyone, who would like to go to the Land of Opening Heaven together, escort the children, protect the law and the way?"

All the Xuanxians in Taixuanxian City couldn't help being stunned.

Zhan Qianqiu controlled the Taixuan Sword Formation, one person alone held a fairy sword and three heavenly swords, and joined forces with Fei Ling Taoist left and right to kill Elder Qiu Xue roaring again and again, but he was still retreating uncontrollably!

In order for this Ascension Ceremony to be carried out smoothly, An Ran has also used all her brains and thoughts.

"Then I'll take this opportunity and run to give them another head, won't it be even fresher!?"

While he was laughing out loud, the giant fairy soldier raised his hand and beat Lingbao Taoist to ashes.

Well, not at all!

The celestial energy released by the celestial cathode crystal is naturally yin-type. He absorbed a lot without paying attention, and suddenly felt cold all over his body. His body temperature dropped sharply in an instant, and his body felt as heavy as if it had been filled with lead.

"Then there was that strange planet. A friend of the Taoist landed on that planet, and then merged with it, and has not returned to Jianzong so far."

You know, he is a Golden Immortal who has cultivated Dao Fruit! .

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Contain each other and help each other. .

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