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Originally, the Land of Opening Heaven was located at the center of the two worlds. .

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Looking at the map of the galaxy condensed with mana, there was a lot of discussion for a while. ...

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Ling Jieyu on the side snorted: "That's not what you said just now."

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"Guys, I'm not trying to be reasonable."

For a moment, both of them fell silent.

The smile of the master of Wentian Pavilion also gradually subsided, and his expression was serious.

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"This sword again?!"

But now it seems that it is really strange enough!

Immediately, the wounds caused by Heaven's Punishment were washed away, and the damage on the True Spirit gradually made up, as if soaked in the most precious Dao Origin Liquid, which made him moan comfortably on the spot.

Even though she was carefree on weekdays, she ate when she was hungry and slept when she was tired, but when faced with the misery of the middle-aged man, Xiao Budian still couldn't help shivering, as if she could empathize with the severe pain!

Zu Chuan involuntarily shuddered all over his body.

For many cosmic epochs in the past, they have not forcibly invaded. The main reason is that they are afraid of the existence of that person. .

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Although there is no sufficient evidence, An Ran's intuition tells An Ran that, as the ancestor of Immortal Dao, Little Pudding will definitely be able to exert unexpected miraculous effects in the next battle. .

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