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【need cash inswtanly apply online for credit card or instant loan 】 Yu Hongyi's complexion changed again. 。

In the end, Lin Yingsu gave up asking everyone to keep quiet and turned on the background music directly. It doesn't matter what other people say or not, at least they can start dancing.

However, both the main demon and the ancient sage were concentrating on feeling the power ball in their hands, and had no time to pay attention to other things.

Su Ran said indifferently, and moved in a flash.

The short program on the first day ended, the women’s singles ranked 12th, the ice dance team was able to advance, and the pair skating performance was very good, ranking first and third respectively. Cui Xiao played perfectly and ranked eighth. Successfully advanced to the free skating.

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"How can you be so strong!" Xi Zhu's expression tensed.
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With six domain Gu, Su Ran was already satisfied, and there was only one Earth-type domain Gu left. With his current strength, it was easy to find it.
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Thunder strikes on the ground, this is a vision of heaven and earth!
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Among them, the Four Continents Race started the earliest, followed by the Grand Prix. Because the Grand Prix has many sub-stations, the battle line is very long and lasts for about two months. After the Grand Prix, it is the World Championships. declare the end.
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Illusory Immortal Gu absorbs the essence of Gu, which will improve its own ability, but the strength of domain power... Su Ran can't perceive the change.
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Su Ran took out a form organized by Ouyang Qi.
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"And Su Ran!"
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"It doesn't matter."
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