need a small loan but have bad credit
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【trump on his small loan million 】 Luo Yun closed his eyes heavily for a moment and then smiled bitterly: "Jin Lin, you've won!" 。

"Cheng Yu, in fact, my tolerance is also a test for him. But now the result is not important, and the test is not important. Since his accident last time, I know that I can't do without him, no matter how hard he is. , I will always be his woman!"

Zhu Luo looked at Chu Shaoyan, and a strange color flashed in his eyes. Apparently this mixed-race beauty has noticed that the relationship between Shangguan Zetian and him seems to be unusual.

"Next door, will he put things in the neighbor's first love's house?" Chu Shaoyan asked Li Yiqian to continue searching the Nangong family's ancient house, while he crossed the courtyard wall and entered Liu's house alone.

The second daughter looked at him vigilantly, and the older woman asked, "How do we know whether your words are true or false?"

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Shangguan Zetian said: "If an economic storm occurs, the damage to China's economy will mainly be caused by exports, which will then spread to manufacturing, energy, real estate, smelting, etc. That's why I chose to withdraw from these industries at the peak. industry, avoid risks, and wait and see. Once these industries fall to the bottom, we will immediately follow up the investment, and after three to five years, the profits will definitely be considerable!"
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"Sitting by the flood and fishing?" Chu Shaoyan couldn't help smiling.
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Jinghua's little hand shook violently, and the liquid medicine splashed on the rock man's arm, dripping everywhere, but then she continued to apply the liquid medicine, and hot tears flowed from her slightly drooping bangs.
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Perhaps thinking that he had a good chance of winning, this guy became elated, and his eyes squinting at Chu Shaoyan were full of contempt.
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"I know you are a small person. But, what are you doing in my girlfriend's room tonight?" The rock man's voice suddenly became as cold as a blade.
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"Hey... oh... texture..." Nangong Minghao was still crying anxiously.
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"Master Chu, it seems that we at the Flying Fox Gang..." Just as he walked out of the room, Jin Shangbang said with a slight bow.
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Shangguan Zetian stared at him tenderly, with a hint of condemnation in his eyes: "Shaoyan, am I really so naive and so stupid in your eyes?"
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