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"Luwangdu, Sixu, Gaoju, Chiguo, Xianzhi, Jiji, Xiangren, Fuyangzi, Shanghuangzi, Zhizi..." ... how are banks and credit unions different

test. what is the best capital one credit card Cangwu Clan's war leader "Rhinoceros" appeared, he looked at those slaves, here are only some of them, because Qianqie reported the behavior of Shan, he came here in person to kill chickens and monkeys: ….

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Yan Zai beckoned, and the young man avoided the fire and walked over from the side. .

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The nature of Jiangzhou City is about to change. The abandonment mentioned by Yuzai is not completely discarded, but used as a cutting-edge construction site dormitory, and is no longer a settlement for people's lives. ...

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The time now is not enough for Yuzai to hunt for treasures, which makes Yuzai very disappointed. It is a rare visit, but no treasures were dug up. Although the era of the king is estimated to have no hair, there is always hope in life.

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One person in a family can do the work of a hundred people and provide food and drink for ten people, but you need a hundred times more manpower here. This is the gap!

"It's really strange that such a young Qi refiner, who controlled the thunder and wind after the Yellow Emperor, let the world know what he didn't hear, and this Huang Zi is also a strange person! My old friend has been with him for so many years. After coming down, I don’t even know what the other party’s ability is, but I only see him calling the wind and Zhaoyun, so I feel that I can make friends, it’s really weird!"

The wind and rain are the power of Chisongzi, and the wind and snow are the power of the God of the North Sea, but at this time, the power of the two of them has disappeared. In this case, according to Guang Chengzi's analysis, either the two people reconciled, or the two people All hung up.

People always have dreams, salted fish also have dreams, those without dreams are pickles!

Well, sure!

"You said all your belongings were confiscated? There is no such thing. The things we beat are called trophies. Whoever moved your belongings, you have to have evidence for what you said. It was all earned by everyone's hard work." The things that belong to you are earned by labor!"

The alliance with this title must have entered the Bronze Age. They may be the same as those in the legendary homeland of the emperor. They wear the leather of dragons and rhinoceros as their clothes. The knives, bows and arrows cannot harm their lives, and their hands , at least thousands of copper weapons.

The leaders of the Cangwu Clan looked at the situation and found that most of the corpses had their heads cut off, whether they were slaves or soldiers, it was the same, and the number of slaves would always be a few fewer, which meant that someone and the escaped Slave went together.

The situation of slaves in the Xia Dynasty, not to mention the scarcity of classics and cultural relics, but the system must not be perfect, can only be said to be a trial method after the family, at most, the dignitaries of the Xia Dynasty realized the benefits of slaves, and they did not have to work. Throw it to a slave, after all, laziness is the nature of all living beings.

After all, Xiang Liu was beaten to death by a group of emperor-level figures led by Dayu, so there were still some platoons. .

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"But there is still a place for you..." .

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