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【total number of people who have student loan debt 】 An hour later, Chu Shaoyan looked down and saw her under the complete control of the Golden Dragon Gang, that elegant girl with a height of nearly 180 cm, a former supermodel ten years ago. She wears a pair of large sunglasses, her hair is loose, and a certain hand-knitted bonnet covers her head, making it difficult to identify the whole person; but her height and gait are unique, which is actually difficult to disguise. cover up. 。

Immediately after spotting the helicopter in the sky, shouts came from the deck of the cargo ship. Some people dropped their cargo and ran into the cabin, while others simply picked up their submachine guns and assault rifles and fired into the sky!

Chu Shaoyan was irrefutable, smiling wryly and silently.

Listening to Liu Yong's words, Chu Shaoyan fell into deep thought: at such a critical moment, Ye Tianhe came to test him, and then released such a blockbuster, there must be some mystery in it. Chu Shaoyan glanced at Liu Yong, thinking that Liu Yong must not be able to guess Ye Tianhe's intentions, so he didn't ask for a moment, nodded and said: "Uncle Liu, do you think I have passed the test?"

"Okay Mike, I'll hang up first, let me know if there is any news." Chu Shaoyan cut off the contact with Mike and took out his mobile phone to connect.

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Li Shengbei nodded and said: "The provincial party committee still believes in the comrades in Jiangcheng. Secretary Yan of our Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection personally supervised the case this time. After arresting Zhao Zhaoping, I will take away all problematic officials and implement them in accordance with the disciplinary regulations. Trial the case in a different place. This is not distrust of the comrades in Jiangcheng, but the provisions of the regulations, I hope the comrades in Jiangcheng will not have any objections to us!"
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On June 1st, Bai Zhenghua, Vice Governor of the Standing Committee of Jiangdong Province, and Song Fanping, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, came to Jiangcheng to investigate the construction and organization of the high-level exhibition. That night, the Jiangcheng Municipal Party Committee secretly entertained two provincial high-level officials at the Municipal Party Committee Guest House. Leaders of the municipal party committee and government attended the banquet, including Wang Qiang, Xiao Zhengnan, Luo Zhifeng, Jiang Zhengfeng, Zhao Dahua, Gao Jun, Mo Beixiong, Long Juntian, etc. Bai Feiyan, Chu Shaoyan and Sima Yan also attended the banquet.
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Chu Shaoyan shook his head and said, "Secretary Wang, you can just call me Chu Shaoyan."
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Jiang Dahai's subordinates who stood in front of him saw Chu Shaoyan approaching as if they were seeing a devil, and immediately stepped aside, even Jiang Dahai stepped aside in horror. One step, two steps, three steps... Chu Shaoyan walked out of the crowd's encirclement with A Bao in his arms.
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The tall and perfect image of her father, Shangguan Ding, suddenly collapsed, making the goddess Hua Ding at a loss for a while, and she felt sorry for the rock man, so she threw herself into the opponent's arms and sobbed like a girl.
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Immediately, he came to the girls and hugged them one by one, even Liu Danyan, Han Yu, Han Xiang, and Beverly. What do you call "The wolf's ambition is obvious; if things go on like this, how embarrassing it is!"
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The first part: Carry out a comprehensive clean-up of the drug lords in Xiapu County, and strive to implement a thorough arrest; the second part: Party and government officials who are suspected of providing umbrellas for the underworld forces, and even directly manipulating the underworld forces for personal gain The range of arrests includes the three provinces of Jiangbei, Jiangdong, and Fuzhou.
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But Chu Shaoyan did it unprecedentedly. He gathered these people, taught them with military management, subtly influenced them with his own personality, and taught them the truth and life.
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