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Immortal King Gu Tuo laughed heartily, and he was greatly relieved: "As expected of my son, Gu Tuo, he has lofty ambitions and a bright future!" ... how to pay off the car loan faster

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The man quickly said yes, and then continued: "In the past two years, many ancient tombs have been excavated, and the manpower of the Heavenly Dao Academy is not enough. The deeper you go, the more powerful you need to be..." .

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Don't come sooner or later, but when she was chasing and killing An Ran and the others, they ran out without warning, so how could it not make her have various associations? ...

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Ever since he went to meet Bai Xi in Tianyin Realm, Ling Jieyu suddenly started calling him little brother.

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The laughter of the white-clothed scholar echoed in their ears in an unhurried manner: "If you have an opinion, you can also raise it. I am free now, and I have plenty of time to listen to you."

No matter what kind of gap, can't it be made up and bridged?

It stands to reason that the person is holding the decree of the Xiantian Temple, and the decree was written by the deputy hall master, and it bears the imprint of that person's breath, so it is impossible to make a fake anyway.

After going through a big battle, although it was short, everyone couldn't bear the burden.

The corners of An Ran's mouth raised a slight arc, and he said with an unhurried smile: "Collecting Qi with the body, nourishing the body with Qi, nourishing the mind with the body, seeking the Tao with the God, and seeking the Tao with the primordial spirit, is the way to understand the universe, and it is also the way to pursue The road to the Immortal Realm."

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary Taoist platform, but it presents a more irregular shape, with ups and downs and twists and turns on the surface. When you look closely, it looks more like a large continent!

Some people also took out the peerless magic weapons they treasured, the rare treasures collected from the chaos, the forbidden weapons in the ancient forbidden zone, etc., and gave them one by one to the ancient immortal Yuxu as a means of protection when he went to meet the demon god Bo Xun .

Before he knew it, there were more malicious eyes, back and forth, and finally fixed on An Ran's face.

"I want to take a look, what is being repaired in the teleportation hall?!"

The Taishi altar shook violently, but quickly calmed down again, as if nothing had happened. .

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"Then, goodbye." .

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