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Like a flower beaten by frost, Jinghua lost all her charm in an instant, and the blood faded away layer by layer from Qingcheng's jade face, until her lips were as white as paper and her complexion as gray. ... what is the monthly payment on a 60000 loan

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Chen Kaifeng led people into the training ground, and immediately asked Sun Hongsheng to start warming up, waiting for Qianshan to come.

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"Me!" Dong Wenjun took two steps back, he was a little angry when Dong Junmao slapped him twice, "Brother, I was venting my anger on you, you hit me?"

"Someone is coming!" The rock man was helpless, reminding her in a low voice.

Kong Dahu glanced at the big man, felt chills in his heart, and shook his head slightly: "I'm afraid I won't be able to hold on for a few minutes, hiss—when did Qian Shan become so powerful?"

"Qianshan, don't you take a break? Your injury..." The coach was a little worried now.

When he continued to prepare for the attack, the first round of time ended, Shao Lezheng paused, turned and walked to the side.

"I mean, if you only buy one bottle, it's 6,666 yuan, which is auspicious. If you buy 10 bottles at a time, it's 5,600 yuan a bottle, a small discount. If you buy 30 bottles at a time, it's five A bottle of 1,000 yuan, if you buy 50 bottles at a time, it will be 4,500. Finally, if you buy 100 bottles at a time, then this price discount can be given to you... cut in half! The direct discount is about 3,600, my friend It should not lose money, but there is no profit. At the beginning, it doesn’t matter if you earn less, as long as you don’t lose money, you will be fine.” .

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"Yo? The boxers in your club are okay, right? They look a little dizzy, um, I have to go back to recuperate, don't delay the schedule, haha." Cheng Fighting walked onto the ring with a smile. He saw Qian The last two punches that Shan found a chance to knock out Shao Lezheng, let alone how happy he was. .

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