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The Great Wizard of the Xunshan Clan was also affected by these words, and said modestly: ... airline cards that are interest free for 12 months

test. loan offers online He swung his big axe, trying to force those crossbow arrows to retreat, but at this moment, an arrow hit his shoulder with a buzzing sound, and Ao Mang felt the sting. An iron arrow pierced his shoulder, and his shoulder was already bleeding profusely, but his skin was just a little bit broken! ….

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Many tribes did not speak, and the wizards were also silent. ...

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"Heaven and earth cannot run everything, so people are needed to complement each other."

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But Zhang Hong just talked to himself: "Speaking of which, brother archery, where is the eater you mentioned..."

Yun Zai was also a little dizzy, and she couldn't understand the imaginary appearance of the red pine nuts, but this did not prevent her from applauding fiercely here!

But his contribution is indeed great, and this honor is well deserved.

Yue asked worriedly: "Bo, how should we respond?"

So Zhu Rong didn't care about it, and said: "The family ancestor Rongguang, the great light shines on the faint mountain, so that the sun and the moon are bright, and the clear light is in the sky, and the light is everywhere! He once served as the great Sima under the Yellow Emperor, and made Xia Guan the same. Emperor Yan is the same as Jinyun, one of the four emperors of the Central Plains."

Shi Jing talked for a while, and then asked where Gun was being escorted. Wen Ming replied that he was going to the southeast, and she was about to leave as soon as she heard it. But then, Wen Ming grabbed her and said quietly: "Don't worry, Don’t worry, this is for outsiders to hear.”

We all fought together, and even I have participated in more local conflicts than you. Why do you have less experience than me? What's the matter, did you recharge the double experience card?

The main difference lies in the different social forms. In the past few years, a lot of land has been reclaimed in the south, and mountains have been burned to open up wasteland. As we all know, even a three-year-old child in the countryside knows that there are many poisonous insects and mosquitoes in places with dense grass and plenty of water, while the miasma in the south It is the dead body poisonous gas that is produced after the animals and plants die and rots, and accumulates in the mountains and trees, and cannot be dispersed due to lack of ventilation...

It's just a clan country, a bunch of people who can't beat them and run away, there is nothing to worry about, they even lost Chengzhou Mountain, how long can they come back to snatch it this time?

Patriarch Ji sighed: "It's not that I object, it's that the Chikata clan, whether in terms of population or... In short, although the development of the south is inseparable from the Chikata clan, at this time they are elected to the position of the leader-level tribe. , is it too early?" .

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The big man selling pottery was a member of the Kongsang family. Chonghua also knew him, and greeted him cordially. We had a good friendship when we worked by the big river in the past. .

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