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Shuhuo's Huozheng, Gongshi's Beizheng, Hujiang's Huozheng, Zheqian's Huozheng. ... how much mortgage on 65000 salary

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Before, it was all supported by the little witch power left. Although there is no witchcraft, after all, he was a witch after all. He hoped to settle the remaining members of the tribe, even if they surrendered to the south... Maybe the slaves can get a little Treat yourself better... ...

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The bird looked from the hunting party to the south.

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Ying Long: "Is everything the new leader does?"

Wu Pan: "Jing Xing Yu Yi!"

"He has merged with the body of the god and returned to the embrace of the god."

The Trinity refers to the unity of the three holy kings, and the god is the sacrificial power. In this era, it belongs to the great shaman rather than the co-lord.

Wen Ming: "What did Brother Zai ask me to do?"

"How can Min Sanjiang be treated! You'd better hire someone else!"

"That is the three discs of the sun, moon and stars in the wilderness."

Equipment: tattered shroud (epic), mediocre good sword (exquisite), leader's jade pendant (limited edition given by the sudden death), grass head ring for protection from wind and rain (common), fifteen shell coins (currency) ), cyan bird feather robe (epic), weeping buckskin shoulder pads (exquisite), hemp rope belt strong enough to be hung (common), coquettish big skirt (exquisite), straw sandals produced by mat weavers ( ordinary).......

Don't think that he is doing well now, but when he is locked up for twenty years and goes out, even if he doesn't die of old age, he probably won't know any production methods, and he will become a completely useless person.

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This meal can be considered as the fulfillment of Yu Zai's eternal dream - the fish and the bear's paw are finally in the same pot. .

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