what is penn credit
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【how to buy a car with a credit card 】 Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly, and took off her leather boots. 。

"Yes. Brother, I must find out the tail of this vixen!"

"I can't make a decision about Ms. Nangong. If you want to discuss it, please go to the president's office to find Mr. Shangguan." Chu Shaoyan said coldly, "However, Ms. Nangong signed a labor contract with Huading Group, and it is not that simple to break the contract. of."

Shangguan Zetian saw it, and looked back, but saw nothing, and asked strangely, "Shaoyan, is there anything behind?"

Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly: "Lingyou, did you intentionally make me bankrupt?"

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Gradually, the two lips met, and after a hot kiss, Goddess Huading suddenly felt that her body was not normal, she couldn't help being shocked, she pushed away the rock man on her body, jumped up with her hot face covered, and walked towards the president's private bathroom. go!
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"Jiang Yuyao, you want to rebel again, don't you?" At this moment, Mrs. Jiang's lion roar came from behind, and the naughty girl trembled all over, and Chu Shaoyan almost had the urge to run away when she saw her.
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However, both parties were dissatisfied when they got in touch with each other. The key to the dispute was the controlling stake: the U.S. side just wanted to use China’s capital and market to make itself bigger and stronger, and then return to the U.S. to seize the North American market; Huading’s side It is to exchange investment for technology to obtain the core competitiveness of the group.
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"What do you mean?" Takeuchi Koji didn't quite understand the meaning of Chu Shaoyan's words. After all, there is a big difference between the hints of Chinese language and the speech habits of Dongying people. He is used to understanding the meaning of words literally.
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"You...you are Cheng Yu?" Shangguan Zetian dared not recognize him.
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Two minutes later, Chu Shaoyan said in a muffled voice, "I found it!"
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Suddenly there was a loud muffled sound inside the ship, and then the whole ship seemed to be thrown into the eye of the typhoon in an instant, and it swayed left and right, just like a pirate ship in an amusement park!
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