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But now, the lush forest has disappeared, and new, simple buildings have been erected on the rocky hill, which is the temporary residence of the Ganpan family. ... high risk business loan

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So at this time, Yan Zai glanced at Yan Fou, and Yan Fou thought of those words, so he murmured twice in his mouth, then had a flash of inspiration, and smiled: "Wu, what, what is Sheng? It turns out that I heard that there are friends we know under the emperor's command, maybe we can use his ability to return to the Central Plains in advance?" .

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"The thing that can kill You Zhe is definitely not an ordinary beast. It was pressed to death on the treetop, and it is obviously a human palm print!" ...

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Chisongzi asked casually, but the three-headed bird was very greedy and wanted the beautiful salt inside.

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This is a big deal related to flooding.

Countless tribes like this rise and fall in the mountains and seas. No one knows when they were born, and no one remembers when they died. After thousands of years, even the totems are decayed. It's just a desolate skeleton buried in the soil.

Chaisang's great shaman said: "Also, Yu Tu and Yu Shu are also good pharmacists."

Dan Zhu said: "Now is no longer the time for the Fuxi clan where father dies, son succeeds, brother dies. I am not interested in the throne of Heavenly Emperor in the Central Plains, and my identity is sensitive. Even if I want to do it, I can only serve as an assistant. , if you are the Emperor of Heaven...maybe the same as Di Zhi's ending."


The southerners like to make troubles and scold people at every turn. The easterners are very fussy and talkative. As for the northerners, because it is a bitter cold place, they can't even wear grass skirts. According to rumors, they all sleep with sheep. Yes, known as poor.

But before he yelled this sentence, the patriarch of the Diyou clan suddenly felt his eyes darken, and there was a bang, and then he only felt that his nose was bleeding, and then he didn't know anything.

The "搴" of the Jingshu family means picking, and Shu means death. The god of their tribe is a god named Zhaolin, who looks like a four-eyed deer with horns and a horsetail, belonging to the deer totem. This deity is between ordinary gods and fierce gods, and the creatures watched by this deity will be blessed with the negative BUFF of "fear".

"Wait, the sun is a nuclear fusion reaction, so the muon after fusion..."

Dayi couldn't help laughing. .

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This is not a serious illness, but a small problem. The wizards of the Yanyu family felt that this did not show their level of treatment. thing. .

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